Final Project

By: James Bolte

Movie Trailer Review Fast & Furious

One of my favorite movie series of all time would be fast and furious. Now this movie trailer is actually very good because it relates how the fast and furious 3 movie ends. It ends with Vin Diesel racing Sean Boswell who is considered the best racer there. Han trained Sean in the drifting aspect and was good friends with Vin Diesel as Han did many heists with him. They show some plot teasing clips because the end race was the ending of the third movie and its finally being tied back into the 7th movie. They show a lot of the 3rd movie for the 7th movies trailer but the 3rd movie i believe has a lot of significance for the 7th movie as that race is the ending and they don't show it leaving us a cliff hanger on who ends up winning.

2 Movie poster Review

This poster is actually very good for many reasons to me. I’ve never really seen it but it makes me want to see it because of the shocking image. The image is shocking to me because it’s not every day you see a younger lady doing something like that. The title of the movie is big and bold at the top. The title along with the picture of the lady easily helps tell that the movie is about a demon. That is if you know what an exorcism is. I was personally attracted to the poster however because of the color and the image was just unreal in my eyes. They make me want to see it because of the image and make me believe that the movie is scary and I have interest in scary movies. I can kind of imagine what the scenes are like and imagine she probably does some pretty unreal things by the movie poster

Amusement parks changing price for different seasons

I think changing the price for different seasons is a good idea. I think it’s a good idea because when you lower prices for admission to get in during the slow season, then you are allowing those that couldn't afford it a chance to come but on top of that its an incentive for people that have already come to the park to go again because after doing something once sometimes you don’t think its worth spending that much money to go again but when the price drops it becomes more reasonable for those that have already been to go again because it’s the right price for them. But on the other side I can see where some people might be mad at the parks for doing so because when they happened to go they got jibbed on the price. In my eyes however they didn't get jibbed because if the price was as low as when its considered dead season for the park, then the park would be filled with tons of people and the lines would be really long compared to what they are and cause many frustrations. It could also make people that pay the higher price to feel as though they deserve money back and in most cases not giving money back may make you lose customers. But to me it is ethical to change prices as the demand for the park increases the price should increase to as the supply is limited. Therefore with supply being limited the demand for the parks seems to increase during certain times and when the demand increases they can still up the price to get to the equilibrium price for that time.

Changes in the way movies are accessed

I think that movies soon will only end up being streamed online, through Netflix, and movie theaters will not exist as much and drive in movie theaters won’t either besides a few that may be showcased as what it was like in the older days. Most movies will also come from red box. It usually cost about 40$ after buying tickets popcorn and pop or slushies. Now you can rent the movie for a dollar and or have Netflix and pay a low standard price a month and watch as many movies as you would like. You can go to the convenience store and pay ten dollars for what you would get at the movie theater. Plus there is more privacy at home to watch the movie then be jammed in a theater with a bunch of people you don’t know leaves an uncomfortable feeling for some people even though it usually doesn’t bother me. I prefer watching movies at home instead of the theater because I have experienced when a kid ruins the movie by being loud or on there phone.

Most important thing for artists to remember.

It will be extremely hard to build yourself up with a label whether it is a big one or an independent one. You don’t have nearly the publicity you would have if you had a label. You would however make history and prove to other singers out there that labels wouldn’t be necessary for you to become a popular artist. You could end up making more money but at the same time you may need to have quite the amount of money saved up so you could buy the equipment needed to make your music. You may need a friend that owns a store that is willing to sell your music for you and help you get out there or maybe even an artist that finds your music. You would need to remember that the labels could try to bring you down once you start to become popular.

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