breast cancer awarness ribbons

I'm making these in support of breast cancer a few people I know have died from breast cancer and have conqured this disease so this is my way of showing support since I can't do the race for the cure or fundraisers like that! 

this uses a strip of plastic canvas 44 holes down and 5 holes across I use the standered sheets of plastic canvas, red heart yarn pink  a saftey pin back or you can make it a rearview mirror decoration by attaching a loop to it


:Plastic canvas 7 count,  hot glue gun, pin backs, yarn needle ,
3 foot of pink yarn


cut the plastic canvas into strips of 44 holes in length by 5 holes width

2  thread your yarn through the yarn needle with beginning with the left hand corner whip stitch your entire project

now go back through and stitch up the outside edge when done with that take and make a ribbon shape out of the strip and then attach the sides using a cross type of a stitch

now attack the pin back

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