A day in my life

                               crossoads@mead Computer science  

                                    DIML project January 28,2015

                What I did on my day off

        First, I woke up brushed my teeth got a bath. Then I ate my breakfast and imeadiatly started to anoy my older brother Ayinde. I walked around my house to see what everone else was doing. My dad was and other brother were sleeping so I went back to my room. In my room I proseeded to watch tv and play on my laptop.

         Next, I leave my room to get something to eat hoppfuly unseen, because if someone noticed me I would have to do my chores. I go back to my room to find my cat laying on the keyboard. I lift the cat off the computer; put him on the floor,clean my hands a and pick up my snack and the moment I turn around, he's back on the laptop. By the time I get him to stop sitting on my laptop my food is cold.

        Finally, I check o see if i'm home alone. Only my brother and I were home so I reteat back to my room and get back to what I was doing. My brother comes in my room and https://tackk.com/nlghrztells me to do the chores so I do them. when I come back I find that my cat is on my computer again. scence there was school tomarrow I start getting ready. After everthing is said and done I go straight to sleep.

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