Instagram...You could be its next victim

Social media is tricky

          You never know what will pop up when your on Instagram.  You've heard a lot of stories but you could never really imagine it happening to you.  Well, it definitely can.  It even happens to celebrities, like James Franco.  James Franco has admitted that he did tried  to pick up a Scottish schoolgirl using Instagram after his embarrassing attempts to woo her went viral(click on green button below for more details of the story)

          Shea Shawhan, of Plano, is 18 years old but has the mental capacity of an 8-year-old as a result of a severe brain injury she had suffered at birth.  She has been getting texts from fake numbers saying that she is ugly and that no one likes her.  Police are trying to track down the people that are doing this to her.  To get the whole story click on the button below.

          Bullying.  Another thing that's Instagram will do to people.  Here are some interesting facts about bullying:

  • Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4,400 deaths per year, according to the CDC. For every suicide among young people, there are at least 100 suicide attempts. Over 14 percent of high school students have considered suicide, and almost 7 percent have attempted it.
  • Bully victims are between 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims, according to studies by Yale University
  • A study in Britain found that at least half of suicides among young people are related to bullying
  • 10 to 14 year old girls may be at even higher risk for suicide, according to the study above
  • According to statistics reported by ABC News, nearly 30 percent of students are either bullies or victims of bullying, and 160,000 kids stay home from school every day because of fear of bullying

          But, there is a way to stop it.  Look for these signs if you feel someone is going to try to commit suicide:

  • Showing signs of depression, like ongoing sadness, withdrawal from others, losing interest in favorite activities, or trouble sleeping or eating
  • Talking about or showing an interest in death or dying
  • Engaging in dangerous or harmful activities, including reckless behavior, substance abuse, or self injury
  • Giving away favorite possessions and saying goodbye to people
  • Saying or expressing that they can't handle things anymore
  • Making comments that things would be better without them

          You can help them by doing any of these things:

  • Take all talk or threats of suicide seriously. Don't tell the person they are wrong or that they have a lot to live for. Instead, get them immediate medical help.
  • Keep weapons and medications away from anyone who is at risk for suicide. Get these items out of the house or at least securely locked up.
  • Parents should encourage their teens to talk about bullying that takes place. It may be embarrassing for kids to admit they are the victims of bullying, and most kids don't want to admit they have been involved in bullying. Tell victims that it's not their fault that they are being bullied and show them love and support. Get them professional help if the bullying is serious.
  • It is a good idea for parents to insist on being included in their children's friends on social networking sites so they can see if someone has posted mean messages about them online. Text messages may be more difficult to know about, so parents should try to keep open communications with their children about bullying.
  • Parents who see a serious bullying problem should talk to school authorities about it, and perhaps arrange a meeting with the bully's parents. More states are implementing laws against bullying, and recent lawsuits against schools and criminal charges against bullies show that there are legal avenues to take to deal with bullies. If school authorities don't help with an ongoing bullying problem, local police or attorneys may be able to.
  •           If you are getting bullied or know someone who is try clicking on the link below if you have any questions or help with a situation that is going on in your life.  Ask Sam and see if you can solve the problem.

              So, in conclusion you have to be careful what you do when you're on social media sites.  You never know what could happen...

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