The diwali/Visaki Project

Its party time


Diwaili,the great festival of light, a time to clebrate a new year and the triumph of good over evil.Diwaili is celbrated on october 23. Diwali also marks  the indian new year.

Diwaili is a 5 day celebration, and can also be known as divali.Diwaili is celebrated in,India, Fiji, Guyana, Maylasia, Mayanmar, Mauritics, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Suriname,Trinidad, Tobaggo, Singapore. Diwalli means "Rows of lighted lamps".According to the Hindu religon the more lamps they light they more likeyhood that the goddess Lakshmi will visit them and bring great wealth.Diwalli  is also celebrated by sikhs.

Marks the beginning of the seik new year, Throughout the dar a holy book is and read while they brind donations and pray. A pillow is put on a float and it starts the parade. Also blessed food  is given out to those who attended the ceramony.

Vaisaki or otherwise known as Bisakhi and acording to the english calander happens once every year on the 13th of april and once every 36 years on the 14th, where the only holiday that you take a bath in a holy river. They also recive sweetebd semolina or Kara-prasad. They move the parade through mayjor local spots of the city under the flow of devotional songs.

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