Battle of The Barrier
by:Salofi Preston and Malek

Question:  What would happen if there was a barrier blocking the way?

Hypothesis:  We thought that the water would eventually break and go through the barrier.

Materials-popcicle sticks,rocks,water,a foam cup with a large hole in it,clay[not playdough],stream tables.

Before the barrier a large amount of clay was eroded or moved 53 cm far.

We are looking at the clay before the barrier and the erosion.

After the erosion before the barrier the water moved 53 cm and almost all the water went down the drain.


The picture on the right is starting with the barrier before erosion.The left picture is with the barrier after erosion.The barrier held the water great for a few seconds,but then was overloaded on the right side and spread to the left side overloading on the way and again pushed the clay 53 cenemeters.

Conclusion-The barrier held the water for about 8 seconds but after that the water came and destroyed our barrier.I think that if we placed a lot more rocks and sticks the water would have stayed in one place. We could reduce erosion if we make less gaps and use stronger and more durable materials in barriers.