My legacy

Jason 8a2

                                                                 My quote

How I portray myself I consider my self as a strong person I never give up. No matter how big the challenge is. I usually fight with people bigger than me in MMA and I never give up

and if I lose I don't quit I keep on training and getting better so that I can eventually beat that person.

My digital footprint

I show my legacy by putting my training videos on Instagram I also put quotes on my profile if my boss ever searches me on Google and finds me he will see the stuff I do how hard I work every day. He will see my quotes and say I can hire this guy.

If I could portray a different persona

I would be stronger,taller,and smarter. I would be better in school. If I were smarter my parents would be happy and I would be happy I would also have a better career. I would be better in MMA if I were stronger. If I was taller I would be better in basketball .

The legacy I am leaving at Alan drive

Most people don't see me how I want to be seen I want to be seen as a nice person but people don't know me that well. The legacy I want to leave at Alan drive is you can do anything and go anywhere in life don't give up half way learn from your mistakes that's what Michael Jordan said he succeeded from failing if you keep on trying eventually you will get to your dream.

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