The Life of Parvana

Life Lessons from Nooria

Life Lessons from  living in kabul most of the of the chapter, I had a completely new outlook on life kinda thing. I was born a girl and wasn't expected to work until I was 18, but these boys (and girls) are working when their 12 and its mind blowing..!

The Taliban are masked that forcefully placed the laws against women.

Bacha Posh

My family convince me to dress up as a boy Bacha Posh to get a job selling cigarettes so I can support my family.. Its the only way my family and I will survive.

The jobs in Afghanistan

The job didn't really bother me as much but it wasn't enough so me and Shauzia got a job to dig bones and salvage them for jewelry and things to sell to the man who bought them from us.

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