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Some of thing thing you can do in Ethiopia will astound you! Many tourists like to see all the beautiful old churches because there walls are covered with carvings and art. You can also see a museum that is home to the oldest know human skeleton named Lucy. If you aren't into art or museums, there is a place outside the city of Harar, ware you can feed the hyenas every night! There are treks available into the national park where you can find unique animals and incredible landscapes.



Ethiopia has 3 official languages but over 80 are spoken. The 3 official languages are Arabic,English,and Amharic. In the cites, the three main languages are usually spoken, around the boarder people speak lots of languages. The average amount of languages for people to know is 7.

  Popular Food

Ethiopian cooking can be heavy on meat,but there a lot of meals are perfect for vegetarians too. The most popular Ethiopian food is a spongy flatbread that you dip in different sauces. You should wash you hands before eating because forks and spoons aren't common.             

Ethiopia's capital city is Addis Ababa.

Country capital


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