Technology- A friend or a foe?

Goal of the Project:
1. To share the outcome of the use of technology in classroom illustrating how has it helped enhance student learning.
2. Technology and its responsible use.
Type of Writing Requested: The learning can be shared digitally through any software or application. Extended writing and supporting material like posters and videos can be added to illustrate the views.

1. What are the ways in which technology has been integrated in classroom teaching and learning?

In our school life technologies play a huge role.We use them on most of our lessons, we have a lot of interactive boards and computers in the classes. Comparing to all the lessons we have, we spend the most of our time working with modern technologies at the English classes.

Our English teacher Nataliia Ivanivna was always interested in the ways of using modern technologies in teaching and learning English. She was eager to make our lessons more intreresting and unusual in order to make learning English for us easy and full of creativity. So a few years ago a computer and the access to the Internet appeared in our classroom. And some time later we got an interactive board. All those things gave us a great opportunity to make projects, communicate with students and teachers from all over the world and learn English in a new and funny way.

2. How responsibly students are using technology?

Of course our students are not perfect, but in most cases we don't spend our time on playing games online and cheating. Our students use the Internet on purpose. We do our homework on the Internet and we pay a lot of attention to these exersices.

3. Are students aware of referencing and giving credits?

We are very sorry to admit that we know about copyrights but we neglect them while working on the Internet.

4. Use of creative commons in researching.

Unfortunately, we don't use it, because we hadn't known about it till you mentioned it in your question. But we hope we are going to use it in the nearest future.

5. Effective Searches and Referencing.

We often use Google

and other searching systems

Created and posted by 11-A class

Troyeshchyna Gymnasium

Kyiv, Ukraine