Mobile Learning

Apps for a K-12 classroom


What is it? TED allows students to hear lectures and talks from the world’s most influential people.  Students can watch videos from educators, experts, business leaders and artists, all giving insightful and thought provoking information.  TED talks allow influential people the opportunity to share philosophies, viewpoints, and
innovations that are shaping our world.

How can it be used? TED talks can be used in a classroom as a video segway into a new topic being used in class. Students can access the TED talk prior to class, which can be a starting point for discussion into that topic. Teacher can add a TED talk to a course as an additional resource for those students that aren’t grasping a concept or for students that would benefit from further explanation. Teachers can also utilize the app for students that are excited by a topic, to further their engage the student and maintain their interest.

Natural Reader (Text to Speech)

What is it?  Natural reader is a text to speech technology, where
students can have a text read to them out loud.

How can it be used? Teacher can use this softwareas a proofreading tool, in an English class, by allowing students to hear how there sentence structures really sound to the reader.  It can also help students who have learning difficulties with reading in that the software can read the material being covered in class. It can help prevent students from falling behind in class.  Natural reader also helps young students learning to read because it helps with word recognition, and flow and sequence of sentences.  Using this software in a class can cater to auditory learners allowing them to hear the information as opposed to simply reading and so it helps accommodate different learning styles.

Conversation Builder

What is it? Conversational Builder is designed to help students learn how to interact socially with peers and adults.  It teaches them the proper conversation flow and social cues necessary for building relationships with others.

How can it be used?

This software is great in the younger grades because it teaches children proper
social cues like introducing themselves, greeting a new person, and asking a
questions; all skills necessary for healthy interactions.  Conversational builder would be great for students in higher grades entering the work force because it sets up potential conversations that might happen in a job interview.  This software is also beneficial for any students who have a hard time interacting with peers.  It allows students the opportunity to role-play conversations that could happen in class or on the playground and come up with socially acceptable responses.                 


What is it? SkyDrive  is a cloud computing application that allows students to store and access files from any device.  Students can manage, store, and share files anytime and from anywhere.   

How can it be used? This is a great application for students in the higher grades when they are more likely to be working on research assignments or analytical essays.  Students are able to use SkyDrive to store their files, which they can then retrieve from multiple devices.  It allows students the opportunity for greater mobility away from the classroom.  Students can do research at different locations and still be able to store and share their information.  The sharing option is useful in group work, where students can collaborate and brainstorm on information gathered.  SkyDrive also allows students the ability to share links, videos and photos with each other.


What is it? iMovie is an easy and interactive movie making app that allows students to create short films. Students can customize their iMovie by selecting themes, logos, and cast names.  

How Can it be used? IMovie can be used in several ways and in many different subjects.  In an English class, students could create a screen play and use iMovie to create the final project.  In Social Studies, student could use the app to recreate a historical event, using proper characters and dialogue.  iMovies could be used in an advertising and marketing class where students need to create a product and market by creating a commercial.  In a film study, they could create a short film, and use iMovie, to learn about how special effects can enhance the production of their movie.

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