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Hello there, this is a company that designs beautiful clothing and would like to share it with you. The company is called MnM we design dresses and hoodies. we have two type of dresses. One style is strapless, the second one is a dress more seductive but we design it more for spring/summer collection. The first one is a lot more haute couture. The hoodies are more for a casual day when it's windy, chilly. Hope you like what we had made for you!

This dress is offered in various colors. We have pink which is the original color. We have black, grey, white and red. This is the first dress and because it's design to fit you and only you in other words haute couture, then the cost is higher then the second dress. the price for this one is $500 but if would like to add anything or make some changes it would be extra money.

The second dress is the spring/summer dress this is a dress you may wear for the pool, beach or to go out. This dress is casual but it also is a bit fancy. we have it in the original color purple with yellow, pink with green, orange with yellow and blue with red. this dress is gonna be less expensive. The cost of this dress is $35.

since this isn't haute couture, it isn't custom made. The sizes we have in the dress is extra small, small, medium, large and extra large.

This is the hoodie, the hoodie is in black and white and white and black. The hoodie is more a chilly, windy, more fall/winter time you would use it to go out with your friends not on a date or anything more sophisticated. It's a casual piece of clothing. The cost for this is $20.

The hoodies come in all sizes. We have extra small, small, medium, large and extra large.

My name is Nicole Martinez if you have any questions contact me. My email is

Thank you for taking your time in checking out the company, I hope you liked and enjoyed it!


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