Fashion Designe

Jennifer Proenza

Job Duties

        As a fashion designer, you have the opportunity to let your imagination and personal creativity run free. For the most part a fashion designers duty is to stay up to date with technology,analyzing sale trends, listening, and learning new things. Other than that most fashion designers can self choose there daily duties.

Educational Requierments

           In the fashion world, you do not have to go to the most expensive college, be a genius, or even have much background, almost 12% of students with just a high school diploma have been able to follow this occupations, and 37% with a Bachelors degree, one thing you will need to know are your materials, such as apparels and textiles;There are many high school classes such as International Marketing, Advertising, Management, and even Consumer law classes that can get you started, and help you with your first steps for getting a job or going to college, and can even count for college credits. Planning these things early, no matter what career you choose, will always prove useful in your future.

Personal Skill Requierments

  Having skills as a fashion designer, is obviously something that is very important, but knowing exactly what skills and knowing what is most important is the key. Such ass:

  • Listening-you must listen to your costumer or assignment without interrupting, and asking good questions.
  • Managing time-this is very important because most all of the time in the fashion world there will be a deadline, and it is crucial to your personal reputation to stay in that timeline.
  • Coordinating with others-understanding  others and understanding there reactions and maybe even (changing what you have done based on there actions.) < copied and pasted
  • Passion-passion is something that you must have in order to have fun with what you do.

Salary and Wages

         For the most part many fashion designers are self-employed, but those who work for businesses or who are well known designers can make from $16.72 per hour to $61.91 per hour.

Pros and Con

    Some advantages of being a fashion designer is the salary range, being able to advance where ever you are, and provides opportunities to travel the world and meet new people. A disadvantage to this career would be the low starting salary as well as the deadlines, many designers have time limits that requiers them to work long hours.

Demand and Related Careers

  •         The current demand for fashion is at its highest, and is not expected to have little to no change between now and 2020. The only thing that is assumed to change ,is the manufacturing business which is said to decrees while the specialized designs firms increase. There is also a prediction for a growth in self-employed fashion designers. Some related careers would be:
  • Fabric and Apparel Patternmakers
  • Interior Designers
  • Art Directors


These two bellow are the only copied and pasted items.

  • Academy of Art University- The Fashion School provides students with a global vision and a faculty of professionals who instruct, inspire and mentor utilizing their technical and design expertise while also encouraging the development of individual style
  • Minneapolis Art institute- The program prepares you to evaluate apparel construction and identify appropriate characteristics and uses of different textiles. You will also gain knowledge of consumer behavior, retail operations, visual merchandising, the larger marketplace, and business skills.


              Being a fashion designer I think would a great opportunity for me to express my individuality and unique ideas. It fits all of my interest and skills which thrills me even more. Although looking into this career has opened my eyes as to how much traveling I would have to do,as well as the risk of not succeeding the way i plan,which makes me hesitant to choose this career right away. I have many other careers I will be looking into, but this will always be my first choice.

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