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Andrew Phillip Kehoe
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Andrew Phillip Kehoe
Andrew P. Kehoe was a born Catholic
date of birth February 1, 1872 in Tecumseh, Michigan Andrew was one of thirteen children of his Mother and Father
both parents moved to Tecumseh, Michigan from New York State when they were both young. His father was a well-liked, prosperous farmer. He had acquired three hundred and twenty-five acres of land.Andrew started in a country school not to far from his father's farm and graduated from Tecumseh High School. He later took a course in electrical engineering at the Michigan State College, East Lansing. During his time in college, he met Miss Nellie Price whom he later married. After leaving college, he went west and his people didn't know much about him for several years but they knew he worked in St. Louis, Missouri, as an electrician in a park.After some years, he came back and married Miss Nellie Price. Andrew and his wife were born and raised as Roman Catholics and they went to church until there was a new one built. He was assessed four hundred dollars which he made no effort to pay. After some time the priest went out to see why they didn't come to church or pay the assessment. Kehoe ordered him to the road and told him if he didn't get there, he would see that he got there. After that time, he never went to church and the neighbors said that he never allowed his wife to go. The original homestead of a hundred and eighty-five acres was later sold to Andrew. He never farmed it as other farmers do and he tried to do everything with his tractor. He was in the height of his glory when fixing machinery or tinkering. He was always trying new methods in his work, for instance, hitching two mowers behind his tractor. This method at different times did not work and he would just leave the hay standing. He also put four sections of drag and two rollers at once behind his tractor. He spent so much time tinkering that he didn't prosper. The neighbors told the writer that he was very severe with his stock, his horses especially.The writer interviewed some of Andrew Kehoe's neighbors and classmates of that locality. They all told practically the same story. He was comparatively sociable when he was in school but as he grew older, he became more distant and more inclined to want his own way. He didn't want to have anything to do with people who didn't do as he wanted them to.
Andrew keho Died May 18th, 1927
Death: Killed himself in a car explosion.
I chose Andrew Kehoe because like to me he was a very strange man and like his story and the way he planned everything was scary but also crazy at the same time.

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