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1. As Edwin sets up for a freekick he knows if he scores he'll send his team to the school tournament final. As he approaches the ball he has one thought: to score. He kicks the ball and he knows he kicked the ball to high but the goalie messes up! He insteade o catching it he smacks it to the ground and it bounces back to the goal! Finally he send his team to the finals.

2. Ms. Blank screams at him he is about to break out in a smaile because he randomly laughs alot but hes controlled it lately. But now he just cant he just burst out laughing . long story short he ended up in the office and he git detention.

3. As he prode on his bike he saw a hill. He knew he had two choices to go up or around . He decided to go up but it was a difficult process he went up and was so exhausted he sat down on his bike. He fell off the bike and rolled down the hill.

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