Disabled People should get organ transplants too.

    If you had a mentally disabled child or family member would you be okay with them not getting an organ transplant just  because they are mentally disabled. Disabled people are people too so why shouldn't they get organ transplants. It is not there fault that they were born differently. Disabled people should get organ transplants and they shouldn't be given to people who abuse their body's causing them to need transplants.

    Disabled people deserve to get organ transplants just as much as anyone else does. "Although bias against transplanting people with intellectual disability has been reduced, it is still a factor." This doctors says yes there are people out there who are just perfectly fine with disabled people getting transplants but there are still people out there who think that just because they are disabled that they shouldn't get the transplant. "Organ transplantation is as effective with people with intellectual disability as with the general population. It is much more effective than most people realize." Disabled people who get this surgery end up just fine like any other human being who gets this surgery. Just because there disabled doesn't mean it isn't safe or okay for them to get the surgery too. Disabled people will do just fine with the transplant so their disability gives you no reason to refuse to give them a transplant.

   Why shouldn't disabled people get organ transplants but drunks and murderers be allowed too? In what way is that fair that just because they don't have mental disabilities it's perfectly fine for them to get it but once there declared with a mental disability they're immediately unqualified for an organ transplant. "I remember the furor when a liver transplant was given to Mickey Mantle of baseball fame, when the media revealed that he destroyed his own liver with eons of alcohol abuse." This is an example of someone who is a drunk but was still allowed to get the transplant one because he has no disability except for alcoholism and he is famous. How is that fair for people who actually need it. "I have changed my mind on organ donation. I want absolute certainty that my organ goes to someone without a criminal history—or no thanks." If people were allowed to choose who their organs go to I'm sure that a good amount of people would be willing to give to disabled people. Mental disability doesn't make them less human and it doesn't mean that they don't have lives to keep living just because they are disabled.

    Disabled people are just as important as any other person so don't say no to them getting organ transplant just because of their disability. Disabled people deserve organs more than drunk celebrities who kill their livers and murderers. Next time think of whether you would want your liver to go to a murderous drunk or a disabled person. Just think about who would keep that organ more safe from being damaged just like the last one.

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