Controversial Ideas and Arguments of Abortion

What Makes It Controversial?

  • Morally wrong- Is it wrong to end the life of an unborn child?
  • Some think its used as contraceptive- Do people take advantage of abortion instead of taking responsibility for their actions?
  • Women should have control of their body- Should the mothers decision take president over anyones elses?
  • Some circumstances ok- What about rape? Is the mother financially stable enough to take care of another person? Is abortion acceptable if the child or mother life is at risk?


  • The transition from 20th century feminism- Women were against abortion until they were presented with the idea that in order to have equal respect as a man they couldn't raise a child (Women's Rights Movement).
  • The 70's- Increase in teen pregnancies became a social/national problem.
  • Roe vs. Wade- First case that argued abortion was a right, rather than a murder.
  • Bellotti v. Baird-Teens received judicial bypass. Teens could receive an abortion without parental consent as long as it was approved by the court.
  • Parenthood v. Casey- Allowed states to impose restrictions on abortions.
  • Today- Abortion is the second highest medical procedure performed today.

Arguments Supporting Abortion

  • Women should have full control of their body and future
  • no obligation to give everyone a chance
  • The Gray Area (rape, finance, health, well being, etc.)

Arguments Against Abortion

  • Medical Risks, both mentally (trauma such as depression) and physically (Infertility)
  • Happiness based on material things
  • Shouldn't be used as contraceptive

I Am Pro Choice

  • I believe that women are entitled to decide whether or not they are ready for a child.
  • I don't think that abortion should be used as contraceptive (knowing how heavily the mother is affected by it both mentally and physically).
  • I believe that it's hypocritical for a society to ridicule women for having abortions when abortions could be prevented by simple things like sex education, accessibility to contraception, and family planning clinics.

The Future

  • Population decrease
  • Economy will suffer
  • Women will resort to unsafe abortions
  • Women will use abortion as contreceptive

I believe that in the future rather than focusing on the morality of abortion we should focus on what drives a mother to believe she has no other option than abortion. If we were to make laws that allow women to be financially stable and independent, maybe mothers would feel more confident about bringing another person into the world. I understand that their are still some women that don't want a child, as a society we should accept their decision; the least we could do is make resources available so that they can get the right counseling and medical attention needed.


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