Third Grade Social Studies
Third Nine Weeks at a Glance

This nine weeks focuses heavily on economic concepts including entrepreneurs, budgeting, scarcity, and supply and demand.  The mentor lessons utilize the Law Related Education "I SPY" Bio Cards and Important People Booklet designed to be a continual learning tool all year. Henry Ford, Mary Kay Ash, Wallace Amos, Milton Hershey, and Sam Walton are identified as exemplify entrepreneurship.

Students will gain an understanding of how to make budgeting decisions, choices in regards to scarcity, and supply and demand through real life scenarios in a series of mentor lessons.  Students will build on their knowledge of supply and demand from second grade.

New map skills will also be introduced and practiced during this nine weeks, using the Nystrom Atlases.  These are a great way to get students familiar with a few states in our country.  

Want to learn more about these topics?

The Kansas City Fed has great resources for teachers and students.

More information on Economic Concepts

Did you know?

Austin was voted the #1 Best City for Young Entrepreneurs in 2013.  To read the full article and see which other cities made the top 30 click on the link below.

Textbook Adoption Update

There is still time to submit your feedback on adoption materials. You should have materials from Pearson and Teacher Created Materials. As a team, please evaluate the resources and provide us with your feedback. Textbook Committee members are meeting with the publishers this week and can use your input in our discussions. If you have additional comments regarding the resources, please send them directly to Meridith Manis.

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