John Dillinger Assassination

Ashleigh Moffitt

John Dillinger

lived in Indianapolis, Indiana

Was killed on July 22, 1934 in Chicago, Indiana

He Escaped Jail twice, Rubbed Banks, Stole a police car, Rubbed Police stations, His first time in jail was from stealing a car.

Melvin Purvis  from the FBI as well as the Indiana state police set a trap out side the Biograph theater.

This effected history because it stopped all the bank rubbers

Melvin Pervis

They Got $10,000 for his head

Things about Melvin Purvis: He was in the FBI, He planned the assassination, was Best known for being the best federal agent responsible for bringing several notorious criminals to justice, work as a junior partner at the prestigious law firm of Willcox and Hardee in Florence, South Carolina, Pervus moved to Washington, D.C. and joined the Bureau in 1927.

This was a Conspiracy Assassination cause he worked with the police and a girl that John Dillinger was hanging out with to plan the trap.

Mini Bio: John Dillinger~

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