The Glass Castle


I think one of the biggest themes throughout this story is forgiveness. Each of them had to go through a lot of hard struggles and they dealt with them by forgiving one another. Another big theme is believing in one another. They had to believe that they could get through anything and everything if they just stayed together. The kids needed to believe that they parents knew what they were doing an that they loved them all very much.  



The family in "The Glass Castle" travels around from cities to towns with no designated destination. During all the traveling they soon learn who each of them are and what they want in life.

Rising action.

Jeannette, the narrator of story, see's her mother rummaging through a dumpster and then begins thinking of her childhood. As Jeannette began thinking, she thought of the earliest memory should could think of, which was getting burned from a fire.

Then another rising action could be when they decided to start traveling place to place, they decided to go to Battle Mountain from California. While in Battle Mountain, Jeannette, her sister Lori and brother Brian were supposed to go to court for shooting a little boy named Billy but left to go to Phoenix before the court date.


The major climax found in the story would be when Jeannette, Lori and Brian moved to New York without the Rex and Rose Mary (their parents) to search for jobs. Once the parents come to New York they aren't as fortunate as the children are and they end up homeless.

falling action.

Jeanette's first marriage doesn't work out because she realizes he isn't the right guy fro her, so she gets a divorce with the guy, remarries and continues to write with her new husband. Lori and Brian continue with their jobs, Brian get married and has a kid. Rex and Rosemary still live in an old building with many stray cats. They still go to their kids houses to talk to them on a normal basis.


The three kids and Rose Mary get together on thanksgiving for the first time since Rex died from a heart attack. Rose Mary now lives with Lori and wears clothes from the garbage. The kids still continue their jobs and are now a lot closer with their mother.  


Jeannette Walls

Jeannette the the narrator of this story. She is the middle child of Brian, her younger brother and Lori, her older sister. Her curiosity motivates her the most. Jeannette has the baggage of her past. She was caught in a fire at a very young age and she didn't have the best of childhood. She never had a real home that she was able to feel safe and comfortable in. This person is very important because she grew older and wanted to settle down with a job and husband and that's exactly what she did.

Jeannette Walls.

Rex Walls

Rex walls is the alcoholic dad of Jeannette, Lori and Brian. What motivates Rex is not settling down in a place, he likes exploring and finding new things to see and learn about. Rex has the baggage of being a heavy smoker and an alcoholic, but he teaches the kids what they need to know. Rex is important because he always told the kids to stick up for themselves and don't let anyone bring them down.

Rex Walls

Rose Mary Walls

The mother of the three children. Her artwork motivates her. Rose Mary has the baggage of not taking care of her kids, she does not like the idea of responsibility. She is important because she soon realizes that she needs her kids once they've grown up and can take care of themselves.

Rex and Rose Mary Walls

First takes place in the California desert where they started their journey.

Then they move to Battle Mountain where the family rents a small home and the kids have to sleep in cardboard boxes. The children go to school and Rex gets a job. There are children to play with and also food to eat.

Then they leave because the kids had a court date and they tried getting away from it, so they packed and left in the middle of the night and head to Phoenix. They live with Rose Mary's parents and Rex gets a job as an electrician but once he loses his job he starts to drink and smoke a lot. Once they run out of money they decide to move to West Virginia to live with Rex parents.

Then they move to a place called Welch, which is in West Virginia, where Rex's parents live. The children meet their grandparents (Rex parents) and hey stay in the basement of their house. The grandmother enrolled the kids in school where Jeannette is bullied but doesn't tell her family.  

Then finally they settle down in New York City. The kids find homes and a job while the parents spend their lives homeless and constantly visiting their kids. Jeannette and Brian get married and after Rex had died from a heart attack, Rose Mary moved in with Lori.

Important quotes

Quote one

"Things usually work out in the end."

"What if they don't?"

"That just means you haven't come to the end yet."

The family knew that had a lot on their plate but they weren't going to give up because they knew it would work out in the end. If it didn't work then they knew it wasn't the end yet. This quote can look back on all the times they moved, each place wasn't the right place to live, until they got to New York, then they knew it was the end.

Quote two

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

The toughest situations in life are the ones we learn most from. The kids knew that moving from place to place would be a tough situation, but they knew once it was over it was over for good. They knew not to do that when they one day had kids of their own. They learned from their old past experiences.

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