Tissot Racing T-Touch Chronograph T002.520.11.051.00 Men's Watch

Want to keep time at your fingertips? The Tissot T-Touch watches let you do so! The best technologies come under the Tissot T-Touch series to bring specific expertises to their respective wearers. Meant for those who are not faint at heart and knows how to be dainty when times call.

The T-Touch is not a single watch, though. It’s a range of watches; each specialised to perform a certain job. But there’s one thing common – every watch in the T-Touch series is a multi- functional watch, capable of doing a lot more than just tell time. All they need is a tap on the touch-sensitive sapphire glass above the dial.

However, this time, our focus is on the Tissot Carson Automatic and its tactile technology. It has kept up with the touch-screens, so the least that can be said is your smart-phone now has an able companion and not a competitor.

Now, where do the actual capabilities of the Tissot Le Locle Automatic find use? Deductive logic says in the race tracks, but well, in today’s world, the whole life is a race! It’s suitable for your everyday life and it’s all about being creative on how you want those functions to come to use. Agreed you don’t need to split seconds into a hundredth of their parts like in the real-life racetracks, but you can definitely keep check on your active time in the gym. Or, it might as well be just how long it exactly took to put down this much. You may actually thereafter set the timer and improve your performance speed or be an early bird with aid from the in-built alarm. The hi-tech (or high-touch?) watch is damn easy to operate and set and let’s you get more out of it.

A total of 11 touch-activated functions, it starts with a sophisticated Tissot T-Sport (stopwatch) capability that acts as a personal trainer, allowing to record lap times for single as well as multiple performers individually for as many as 99 laps. To view them at will, access its special logbook feature. Other features and functions supporting its stance as a vital component for an action-packed lifestyle are a compass, a dual-time exhibition, a backlight and even, a tide-calculator. In the sea or on the beach, this comes handy.

As for the sapphire crystal, it comes with a transparent ARC (anti-reflective coating) and a transparent touch-sensitive overlay. It doesn’t stay activated all the time but you need to activate it first by pressing a button. Now access all the digital functions, from the alarm and split timer to the compass and the tide calculator.

Such stats are anything but flimsy or skimpy. Even when you are under more than a hundred feet in the wild sea!