Moving The Chains
Tom Brady And The Pursuit of Everything
Charles P. Pierce

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Book Summary

In the book Moving the chains Tom Brady and the pursuit of Everything, the author describes every event basically in the 2006 season from beginning to end and the summary of each game. He also describes Tom's accomplishments during his training camps in order to become the Patriots starter. The focus of the book, is how Tom Brady has become a leader and doesn't put himself above his teammates. He has the ability to make all his teammates comfortable at all times. And has them feel like they are also important and just not him. Throughout the book the reader is taken back and forth between Tom Brady's life and his life on the field. Brady is consistently moving the chains not only the field but at his home with his family.

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Why I liked this Book?

I like this book because i love Tom Brady and he is my favorite athlete ever. He is one of my role models and from being a 6th round 199th overall pick its just crazy how good he is.

KROFT: Where would you rank yourself?

BRADY: Oh, that's the worst question in the world. I mean, putting a rank on it. I really like the way certain guys play. I think I'm up there. I think I'm right there with the really, really good ones.

KROFT: Which of the rings do you like the best? What's your favorite ring?

BRADY: My favorite ring? I've always said the next one. The next one's the best. They're special.

The first one was great. It's got a great story. The second one is mine. The third one is obnoxious. (LAUGHTER) I mean, you see these things?

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