The Apple Watch

There are many features i love on this product. One is that you can have everything your phone has at the touch of your wrist. Two is that the sensitivity of the watch can tell the difference in a touch and a tap. Three is the watch also has a heart rate reader built in and i find that very interesting and i would like to have this feature a lot. I chose this product because it has a reasonable price for what it can do the other products are very pricey and don't seem to have the same ideas or the reasonable price.

The fit bit

I found the fit bit didn't have enough for me i wasn't pleased with the outcome of this product.

The pebble watch

This product came out to be a just a digital watch and had some accessories i didn't like the size of it nor the accessories that came with it.

The cicret smart bracelet

This product was very interesting and would please many people but i think the price of this is very expensive for what its purpose is.

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