Peter Fischer

Standing up for Families and Students

Peter Fischer is a man running for representative. His ad was paid by Fischer for Representative. The ad that I have is a positive ad. It is positive because it makes him seem like a good person and that he cares about Minnesota's students. Personally the ad is ineffective to me, and won't work for me.

The day he came to my school and talked to us about his important issues he also said that most people don't even look at ads. They spend only a tiny bit time to look and on his ads, he has at least 3 paragraphs of information that barely anyone will read. Since there is so much reading to do on his ads I think that it is overall ineffective.

In the ad he says that he cares about schools getting more scholarships. The ad gives true facts about school scholarships being low in Minnesota.  It does not have any off topic information. This ad is a lot more logos than ethos because they have facts and information related to what he talks about. There is a bit of ethos also, but not as much as logos.

Turtles are awesome! (:

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