It All Started with Clay!

For a few weeks, Braeden has been molding clay bunnies using Crayola air dry clay. Everyday he'd think of a different style of rabbit and just make it! Below are a few of his moldings.

Using nothing but his hands and "molding tools", he'd work on every single detail for hours on end.

Making Mom's Birthday Surprise: The Bunny Puppet

Braeden loves puppets because he believes that they bring smiles to the sad and it was important to him to make his mother smile so, with his new love of easter rabbits and thoughts of his mother, he decided to make her something that would brighten her day...a puppet that represented easter.

The Process

Using a flat sheet of green foam of 1/2 inch thickness, Braeden molded the bunny so that its face would have definitive curves. He makes his own patterns and the work that he previously did with clay surely helps!

The eyes and teeth are both made of spoons. The nose and eye balls are made of black felt. Both ears are hand sewn from fleece and fur. The foam is held together with adhesive for fabrics.

Making the Puppet a Live Hand!

Braeden loves movement and he wanted to make this puppet a live hand puppet which required him to create gloves of fur. I think that he was more excited about this than anything because as he made them, his eyes twinkled the more that he played.

It was also his very first "live hand" puppet, which he has always wanted to do.

White Fur Completes the Vision!

We had no white fur in the house and luckily a wonderfully kind supporter sent Braeden a gift card to help defray the cost of his art. I drove him to the nearest Michael's, an hour away and he found exactly what he needed!

The New Puppet is Born!

The Completed Puppet

Below is a collection of images from braeden's completed new puppet! There's also a video of him acting out to his mom for the 1st time.

The Clay Bunny for his Teacher!

Braeden didn't leave his teacher out and painted one of his clay bunnies just for her!

A gift for his teacher...his heart makes me smile #braeden

Braeden's Puppets!

With vision, tools, platform and freedom comes creativity #BraedenArt

To see more of Braeden's art, check out his blog.

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