Third Master Guru AmarDas

10 Gurus of Sikhism, 10/29/2013/ Ms. fitzwater By: Asya Eldridge

Amar Das was born may 5 1479 in Baskarke Gillian, Amritsar, Punjab India. Amar Das the son Of Tej Bhan and Mata Bakht. Husband of Tamo ji and father Of Mohan ji, Mohri ji, Bibi Dani ji & Bibi Bhani ji

Amar Das became a Guru in 1552, after dedication and serving Guru Angad Dev Ji. Waking up early in the morning to fetch him water to wash his clothes , then going to the jungle to gather wood for Guru Ka Langar up until the day he died september 1, 1574.

Life Before

Guru Amar Das often went to Haridwar and Jwalamukhi on pilgrimages and strictly observed all religions rites and ceremonies, before becoming in contact with Sikhism Guru Amar Das was 60 years old.

Contribution to Sikhim

Living in Amritsar Punjab India , Guru Amar Das worked to carry on the tradition of langar, free meals served from the guru's communal kitchen. He decreed that all who came to see him should be first fed and implemented the concept of "pangat sangat," nourishment of both body and soul, insisting all people sit together as equal without regard to gender, rank or caste. The Guru uplifted the status of women, and encouraged them to discard the veil. He supported remarriage and denounced the practice of sati, a Hindu custom compelling a widow to be burnt alive on her husband's funeral pyre

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