Invite Your Friends with these Lovely ways of Invitations

Planning for party this holiday season? But still figuring out that with whom to celebrate and who to invite? There are almost 101 doubts while you plan for any party, like “who”, “where”, “when”, “what”, “how”. Before you start to plan for gathering at new year, thanksgiving, Christmass, or any other party party. Now with this techie world you can send invites through your smartphones, which can prove to be more effective. Here are some apps which can help you in same:

Red Stamp:

Red Stamp is an iOS app that allows the users to create memorable and personalized invitations under their own pictures or any stock designs which can be sent through email and printed post card. The app Red Stamp is an ideal app for free templates while premium designs are already available in-app.

Paperless Post:

One of the biggest advantage of this digital invitation is that its Paperless Post is that they can offer RSVP confirmation features which is very much helpful when you are planning and talking tally of preparations. Although card creation is not yet available for iPhone yet. Paperless Post communicates with users on invitations designed and you can send then through you iPad and iPhone.


Another biggest party planner that comes up with popular website service will be shrunk down into app form which will include the invitation management functions for on-the-go review. Users can create the invitations with having a variety of events and send them through emails or post and also it keeps a control of guests RSVP responses.

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