Let's make this year more tech savvy then what you would expect outta this place

Recently we learned about the educational site 'eduCanon.'  I immediately started thinking of the many ways I can use this in my own classroom.  What this site does is first you must find a video on youtube, teachertube, or you can create your own video and upload it to youtube and use it.  After you have selected your video, you watch it, and strategically place questions throughout the video. So your students can answer short comprehension questions over what they are watching.  I am in love with this concept because my students are constantly watching videos for a variety of reasons but now my students will get brief breaks from watching a video and start focusing on the material for short amounts of time. Check out my eduCanon below, it is over Bill Nye's Energy video.

eduCanon Link:

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I'm so glad you're enjoying eduCanon! Feel free to reach out with your