Meet Christine!

Christine is one of the AMAZING ladies that I am working with.  We asked for women to write an essay describing how a nutritonal and fitness program could help them and we received a letter from Christine. She is a mom and she told us she wanted to be a good role model for her daughter so she could show her that her mom is beautiful inside and out.  She shared that she has been yo-yo dieting for years and that she "pays" for a gym but never goes because she doesn't have the time.  We chose Christine because we wanted her to see the woman that was ALREADY beautiful inside and out. These are Christine's own words about why she came and how she is doing.

"Growing up, I had a lot of food allergies.  I was very limited in what I could eat. No chocolate, wheat, sugar, dairy, etc.  When I overcame my allergies I started  eating whatever I wanted.  I cannot remember a time when I was not heavy.  My mom  tells me  when I turned 8 I started to pack on the pounds and before that I was thin.  I weighed 135 pounds in high school and feeling bigger than all the other girls.  Now, I think wow! that would be so light compared to where I am today.

Before I made this lifestyle change I would eat very little, maybe three times a day, if I was lucky!  but, I would drink a lot of coffee with sugar and cream.  I rarely exercised or even thought about it and always felt tired.  Afte having my daughter a year ago, I found it difficult to find time to take care of myself.

Sometime in January my friend told me she had dreamt I lost 70 pounds and I thought How great that would be!  Right after hearing her dream, I saw the posting Stacey wrote regarding a group she was gathering and I thought, maybe, this is what my friend was talking about.  So, I wrote my essay and took a leap of faith.  I said I hope I am picked, and if I am, I would dedicate myself to the program.  Six months is a long time but once you get past the first 30 days, it's all a routine from there.

From being a part of this group, I now know that I need to make time for myself, plan my meals and keep a balanced diet.  I have learned that fat is good as long as it is paired with protein and complex carbohydrates and I have more energy!  I am working out! I have dropped 19.5 pounds so far and am wearing clothes that I never thought I would be able to get into, which are now too big!  I have also bought some pants in a size smaller to have soemthing to strive for.  Now, don't get me wrong!  I still mess up with the food from time to time, but Stacey and Chris help reel me back in.  I am thankful for this group!  They are like new family members to me, it's wonderful, and I am 19.5 pounds closer to my dreams and goals."

Look at Christine now! She is doing awesome! She is such a positive member of our group! If we could only get her to understand that a protein has to have a Mother or a face! xoxo

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