Summer in CLE

Lakeview Cemetery  

Free....Cool....Fun.....More Lively than you would think.
Here is a list of thing to do there.

Embrace your inner Photographer

This place is breath-taking. Between the amazing landscape, historical architecture, artwork, creepy things, cool things and some fun photo ops too, this place is a Photographers All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet

Get your Culture on

This picture is Tiffany Glass. His award-winning piece in some Exhibition in Paris. Not only did the Wade Family (Cleveland Local Bazillionaires) purchase it, but they had him come to Cleveland and design an entire chapel to surround it made of Tiffany Glass. Ceiling to floor little pieces of Tiffany glass. The chandeliers are alabaster and glass, the benches have glass in them, the floor is all glass, it is crazy. This is one of 4 chapels in the world Tiffany designed, the only one not attached to a Cathedral and the first place in Cleveland to have electric lighting. Not someones home or work space....this Chapel folks.  Wade Chapel is also staffed with a volunteer of the LVC Society and he will give you the more detailed accurate history.

Get Presidential

President Garfield's monument, also staffed with a volunteer for more information, is located in the cemetery.  It also has a balcony that oversees the grounds and has a VIEW of the LAKE....who would have thought. I'll let the volunteer elaborate on this one for you. I was distracted by the Boy Scouts Trail Guide while he was talking, which is available here for a few bucks and is the best way to experience the cemetery on foot.

Cleveland History 101

Everyone who was anyone in Cleveland history (for the most part) was buried here. William Mathers...yeah like the STEAM SHIP! (headstone depicted), John D. Rockefeller, Eliot Ness, and Carl B. Stokes; members of President Lincoln's cabinet, Civil War generals and Revolutionary War soldiers, not to mention twenty-two Cleveland mayors and a bunch of really cool people you almost forgot about like some poster kid from a Higbee's, all the old people knew who he was, I just pretended.

Spook yourself out

I put this picture here because some people claim in some legend that John D Rockefeller (thats his monument)  would give dimes to kids, so if you leave a dime on the headstone it will bring you good fortune and people say he has been known to pace around here dropping dimes or something. Creepy and one among the plenty of ghost stories you might be able to get out of people around here.

Get a Green Thumb

This tree is considered Deciduous and Conifer. One means it dies in the winter, and the other means it has evergreen characteristics....basically something like that. Well this tree is both. It is among the 400 unique plants and trees in the cemetery which coincidentally was the old location of the original Cleveland Arboretum.

Meet Hansome young men

Yeah...thats me

Here are one of those Photo Ops I was talking about. Creeptastic!

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