Glad we have not seen each other in awhile. Glad I am no longer surrounded by people with your mentality. Now I am surrounded by people who pull me up, not down. I am no longer thinking like you anymore, and therefore, I do not need you in my life. I do not need the doubt. I CAN’T have people like you around me. People who do not realize the VALUE and PURPOSE of life. People who do not feel the RESPONSIBILITY and SACRIFICES others made to give YOU life. It wasn’t for their own praise or success. They did it to provide YOU with the life that they felt you deserved. But you did not realize that. You did not realize what it means to be lucky. You think you know everything. You don’t. You think because of your upbringing, you are wiser than everyone else, you are not. The wise listen more and talk less. You talk a lot. A LOT. STOP TALKING SO GOD DAMN MUCH! SHUT UP and LISTEN. You may have drive and passion, but without direction and purpose, you have NOTHING! Listen more, talk less. Actions really do speak louder. Instead of telling people about what you are doing, have your POSITIVE actions give people NO CHOICE, but to talk about what you are doing. Be the center of attention, but don’t be in the center. Be more humble than the sun and the moon. They do not seek recognition for doing what they do best, what they were meant to do, day in and day out. Everyday become better. Develop your skills; they are what make up your character. Maybe one day, if you change, you will be my friend. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon. That is why I have cut you off, separated the ties between us. No longer will I be seen with you. Yes, some things were positive about you. But that is not, and will never be enough. If you really were the type of person you thought you were, then why are you writing this to yourself now? It should NOT have gotten to this. But it has and that is very SAD. Those who know and don’t do don’t know. Stop letting people down and KNOW, so you can DO. Become aware of the chance you were given to make an impact. People will never achieve your dreams for you. Only you can do that. I'm sorry we can’t be friends anymore. You are lazy, selfish, stubborn, arrogant, self-centered, cocky beyond measure, and you talk a lot. You think you know everything, you don’t. LISTEN more, talk less. Let your actions do your talking. I repeat, LET YOUR ACTIONS DO YOUR TALKING FOR YOU! Be kind, be generous. It is better to do right than to be right. Be humble. You are not wise. LISTEN, talk less. TALK LESS. SHORT STATEMENTS. Direct answers. Stop running around in circles and fly STRAIGHT. You are 23, how much more energy do you think you have in that tank? GET GOING YOU LITTLE FUCKER!!!!! BE the person your kids will look up to. Make decisions that your grandparents would be proud of. You only get one life to live, so stop fucking it up, you cocky, arrogant, son of a saint and a god. Live YOUR dreams. Listen to those you look up to. They would NOT tell you something bad. When you hear people speak, do not act like you know what they are saying or about to say, they may have other ideas in their head and by speaking you could alter their speaking direction and never hear their true wisdom because you just HAD to get YOUR two cents in. Save those two cents. Knowing you, if you did save your two cents every time you had an outburst, you'd be fucking rich by now ya fuckin idiot. Love your family and be kind and positive to everyone. Don't waste your time with events and material happiness, discuss literature and inspire creation. READ MORE. Become aware that others have come before you, MANY, MANY others who have struggled like you to find their purpose. Use THEIR knowledge and do NOT repeat their mistakes. LISTEN to them and TRUST them. They wouldn't be where they are without the right foundation, along with the applied principles. If you trust in those that you look up to, and apply their wisdom to your life, you will become my friend. Until then, see you never.

Constantly Learning,


*All spelling and grammatical errors are solely for entertainment purposes and in no way reflect the writing abilities of this "writer"