Meet Julie Bowman

Career Background/Experience

I have been teaching fifth grade for five years now. I am a teacher at Wilkerson Elementary in Jefferson County and I teach all subjects. I received my bachelors degree at Eastern Kentucky University and my Masters degree at IUS. I am currently pursuing my Rank I.  

Professional Development

I have been to several PD's regarding technology. I am also one of the Math leads for our school and I have attended several district PD's regarding JCPS' curriculum maps and Common Core standards. I have learned several new ways to use technology in my classroom and I hope to learn more!

Teaching Philosophy

If you were to spend a day in my classroom you would see a lot of differentiated instruction. I have a wide range of learners and I try my best to differentiate when I can. In my classroom, you would also see technology being used.  I have a smart board, document camera, and clickers and I always try to engage my students in every lesson. I recently got 2 ipads donated to my classroom using Donors Choose. I am trying to get used to using them, but it has been a challenge when I only have 2 of them. But, I am slowly learning to utilize them the best I can. I hope to get more donated in the future. My lessons usually follow the format of I do, we do, you do. I try to have my students communicating and sharing their ideas with their classmates.I like for my students to have fun while they are learning!

Favorite Tools


I use the app Remind 101 to help communicate with my parents and students. JCPS also has an online grading system where parents and students can keep up with their grades. I also use email and notes in agendas for communication.

Personal Tidbits

My husband's name is Tim! He is very musically talented so I like to think I know about music as well! I like to try new things and have adventures. On our honeymoon we went zip lining through rain forests and jumped into waterfalls off a rope swing.

Helicopter ride

I am also a huge UK fan! But, my husband is a UL fan. So, I keep the peace and I am not too much of a fanatic when he is around.

I am a huge family person! I am the youngest of three. I have two older sisters and I am an aunt to 3 handsome nephews and 2 beautiful nieces. I am very close to my 90 year old grandma and on most Friday nights you could find me at the Bingo with her.  

We have a loving Maltipoo named Levi!

Love Kid President!  I Love to show these encouraging and humorous videos to my students! Adding in some fun and encouragement is always helpful!  

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