Magna Carta Exploration

Part 1-The english church will have its rights and will not be bound or unimpaired. Also this magna carta will be held accountable for heirs upon heirs (along time). In america the church and state are separated.

Part 39- In this part the text speaks about how no man should be falsely accused or judged. He or she shall be judged equally or by the "law of the land". Also the accused person can not be hurt or effected at all until proven guilty. In america it is the same way,  all people are not guilty until proven likewise.

Part 40- No person is above another, and no one shall be cheated. In america everyone has the right to a fair trial.

Part 41- Everyone on good terms with us and everyone who does not threaten us is allowed to enter and leave the country without fear of being harmed. America has this the same way.

Part 42- Any man shall be able to leave and return the country without getting in trouble or being harmed. Unless in the time of war then it must be for the goodness of the country. America has this the same way except war does not prohibit travel.

Part 60- Every man shall know that they are equal. America is the same way. Everyone has a chance to succeed.

Part 63- Everything said shall be accounted for that is stated on June 15th. It is the same in America. except on july 4th

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