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Choosing The Best Printing Format

If you are a commercial enterprise, it is very much a given that you will be in need of high quality printing services at one or the other point in your business operations. It is also very much a given that with all the different options available in the NYC market for your printing requirements and the different implications of selecting each one of them, you must be feeling a little bit confused right now. The NYC printing industry is quite well developed and therefore offers many different types of services that you can select for fulfilling your requirements. Allow me to help you make sense of all that is out there. Here are the different types of NYC printing services that you can choose from and a brief explanation of what it can mean for you, if you select them.

Digital Printing

This is a new format of creating prints of your documents and is fast catching on in terms of popularity and customer preference. The reason behind this trend is the high quality results that you can get if you opt for this system of printing. The whole requirement of using film or plates is eliminated if you are using this system of printing. You can send over a digital file of your document directly to the printer and have them create the desired copies – making this method quite convenient if you have time constraints. There are many digital printing NYC firms that can service your requirements in an expedite and cost effective manner.

Electrostatic Printing

This method is quite similar to photocopying in that the color sticks to a drum and is fused by heat to paper. You will find this method quite convenient and preferable in case you are going for short print runs.

Offset Lithography

This method is the time and tested and effectively the most popular approaches to printing. This process is where ink is offset from metal plates to a rubber cylinder onto the paper. This method allows for a limited use of ink for the printing processes as well as a limited set up time for the press. These advantages make it one of the most commonly used methods of printing as well as the most affordable ones.

Other methods

Then there are many other printing methodologies that are more suited to certain specific requirements. You can use Engraving in which the letters seem to be indented on the surface. This is best used for printing letterheads. Reprographics is a method that is used for includes copying and duplicating. Flexography is used for printing on packaging products and uses rubber plates with printed areas raised in relief. Screen printing, on the other hand employs the method of forcing ink through a silk screen for printing on non flat goods as well as billboards and signage.

Whatever you requirements may be, Prestone Printing is one NYC printing company that van fulfill the needs with its high quality services and customer support. Be sure to check out their website before you make your final choice.

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