Preston smith gt 2014-2015


Many different kinds of litter can effect rivers and lakes severely and kill animals the that live in the river and or ocean.

My team' green roof tower

The green roof tower my team group built was a great success and held all of the water the teachers poured in.

We did the test to see how good we can make a pavement. We tried to make it so it could with stand 20 water squirts and have a wind up toy walk in a strait line!

Me and my group made a city of foil and materials. Up top is the picture before we poluted it and the bottom is the city after we poluted it.

Today my gt group were building Big Shot cameras. We watched a video than everyone made a different presentation we built it took pictures and disassembled.

These are some pictures of the progress that we made. It was slow and hard but we finally finished. It was fun but we eventaly had to take it apart.

My presentation was on the power generator and how it gets its power.

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