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By: Jocelyn Garcia

                                                       "Inspiring Young Women"

                                                                By: Jocelyn Garcia

Josephinum Academy is an all-girls catholic school. It was founded by the Sisters bof Christian Charity in 1890. There are schools like Josephinum all around the world. Throughout the years this school became part of the Sacred Heart Network. Josephinum colors are purple. Here at Josephinum the motto is "Inspiring young women". This school has inspired many of us. One of the students who graduated here was Sandra Cisneros. She is a well known author of the book "The House on Mango Street". This school has many after school activities like praise dance, basketball, softball and many more. There is also something called J-Term after vacation for two weeks, where students get to pick two fun classes. There is also a special day when we get to do fun activities all day but we never know when it is, because it's a surprise. There are a lot of opportunities to travel around the world. On summer a sister takes 10 student to New Mexico. During Christmas vacation we get the chance to go to a farm. These are just some of the opportunities to travel the world. At Josephinum the students can learn two languages: Spanish or French. Some classes are honors and others are advanced placement. Currently the principle is Ms.Weber. Next year our school is going to become an "IB" school. The "IB" program is preparing us to be world scholars, which means that when we graduate we get a diploma with "IB" and that can help us get into a good college.

I'm a student at Josephinum Academy and I really like it here. Everybody makes you feel at home. To me Josephinum is my home and the people here at Josephinum are like my second family. They help you with any problem that I am having; they take the time to listen to you and help you. The teachers here are the best. I never met any other teachers that were like them. One of the teachers here even sometimes plays the guitar in passing period, just for fun. Other teachers, when they see you down, talk to you and give you advice. Everyday they greet you. One of the thing I also like is that on Wednesdays we have a late start and have an assembly to know what's happening. My favorite was one before Christmas. Instead of a Christmas carol song, two girls were singing a song about school, and it was really funny.
So far this year we had some really important people come here like a governor and a famous speaker. On the other hand we also get to volunteer and that's the best part: helping others. This year my class went to two different places: a homeless shelter and a day care. I am so glad that I got a scholarship to go here. I met my second family and really great friends.

"Interviewing the Leader"
By:Jocelyn Garcia

Lourdes Weber is a currently a principle at Josephinum. She has been leading this school for seven years now. Mrs. Weber has a degree to teach in elementary schools. She has not only been a principle here in the United States, but in Mexico too. She is very passionate for teaching and leading others.

Jocelyn: How many years have you been a principle?

Mrs. Weber: Specifically in Josephinum, since 2007. I was head of an elementary school for ten years. First in a international school. Then in Mexico I was the assistant principle which it was also girls only.

Jocelyn: What was a difference in being a principle in Mexico than here in the United States?

Mrs. Weber: Sure, its difference culture. The cutler is different. It was very good academic level. But I think the biggest, the biggest difference could be the culture. Although Josephinum is so diverse. I feel like Josephinum is a diverse school, very very diverse.

Jocelyn: What made you become a principle?

Mrs. Weber: So my mommy is in education. One of my brothers was an education professor in a university. I always had this passion for teaching but more for leading. I always wanted to lead in a school. Education was so much in my family that you know it was in my heart and it was iguess in my brain. My training in education is in elementary. My first experience with high school was in Josephinum.

Jocelyn: If you weren't a principle, what would you be?

Mrs. Weber : I would be a leader of an organization of a company. My dad was a leader,a "CEO" in a big company in Mexico. So I think those types of positions would attract me.

Jocelyn : Do you like being a principle in the united States or in Mexico?

Mrs. Weber: Um that's a tough question because it's different culture and sometime when things are different it's difficult to compare. I think I enjoyed my time being an assistant principle in Mexico ever very much. But I must say that the parents there were where I worked were very much of a challenge and damning because they had means and money. Again it's tough to compare. What I like about Josephinum is the diversity and to work with a young faculty. So I can not answer your question.

Jocelyn: Why did you decide to use iPads instead of books?

Mrs. Weber
: I think we need to move at the pace of technology and the pace of the world. I don't think I would like to be behind of others school. Technology is one of those tough things. I didn't grow up with technology that we have now in these days. I'm aware that I have to move your schools to modern times. We still use books in certain classes.

Jocelyn: Do you think students get distracted with their iPads?

Mrs. Weber
: Absolutely, absolutely but when I was young and beautiful,we used to get distracted different. We used to, I used to love to write notes to my friends. Like to my friend Jocelyn and say hey what are you doing tonight and pass it . So there are different kind of distractions. However I do believe students would always be responsible no matter the type of technology. For example one, a sophomore came to me to ask me advice on how not spend a lot of time on technology because it was keeping her from studying. We talked and came with answers. A good student would be good no matter what she/ he has. A student that is distracted would be distracted.

Jocelyn : What's your advice for the students here?

Mrs. Weber: I think my message would be to take advantage of what you have. Study hard, learn a lot and to try your best. If there was no education the world would not be moving foreword. Education is the key. Jocelyn: Thank you

Mrs. Weber: Thank you

by: Jocelyn Garcia
Can we ever have a peaceful world, where everybody can get along? Well from what I hear and see I don't think so. Every time I see the news all I see and hear is people getting shot,dying and people getting raped. I just don't understand why people can't get along. I believe this all started with gangs and all of us. Gangs are usually the ones who star fights and the result of that is people getting killed and seriously injured. We are all the cause because most of us don't do anything to stop it. We all say we want it to stop, but just sitting down and watching things happen is not helping. We have to go and actually do something. I've once reader this novel called " How Long Will I Cry". That book tells real situations that happened to people, most of them were in gangs some of them were inocent  people. This book made me cry and there's something that I will never forget. A person who was in a gang said that the biggest gang is the police and at first I was like he's crazy, but then when I though about it I said it's partshli true. Some police see people getting beat up and they don't do nothing because somebody pays them not to say anything or their the ones who beat up innocent people. I really don't know why violence really stated in the first place but I hope it will end one day.

"Tenth anniversary of Mean Girls"
By: Jocelyn Garcia
I'm sure all of you remember the catch phrase "that so fetch" from "Mean Girls". Well guess what? About a month ago "Mean Girls" had their tenth anniversary. This movie was one of the best because it made teenagers learn life lessons of high school and to see some people you might meet or have met in high school. This movie has everything that makes a great movie; it's funny and it teaches life lessons and most of it is relatable. If you haven't seen this movie well you should go and see it, if you have seen see it again.

Good Old Memorize
This past one in a half year so much stuff has happened. Good and bad but let's focus on the good things. Here in Josephinum we had something called J-term. J-term is when we get back from Christmas and we pick two classes for the next two weeks. In this picture these girls were modeling practicing for their run way show. I think they were ready, they even had time to pose for a picture.

At the begging of the year we had congé. Congé is when the whole day we don't have class and we do group activities. The whole thing is a surprise the students don't know when it is because each year the teachers change the day. This year we had it during Halloween, so Halloween was the theme.

We even have special mass. Our mass are a little different we have of course a choir, someone that plays the piano and guitar. One of my favorite was the was when we celebrated African American month. We had a special surprise the parse dancers, dancing. At the end of mass I'm sure we all felt inspire.

Each Wednesday we have a late start and an assemble the hosts are a home room or as we like to call it heart. The assemblies teach us how to present and be aware of what's going on around our school.

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