Top 3 SUVs in 2014 in India

One cannot overstate the wretched state of Indian driving terrains; a lot has already been ranted on about how disgraced Indian roads are. Even with all the political harping and widespread urgency and awareness about the need for an infrastructural overhaul, the woeful state of roads still remains.

Considering this issue, SUVs serve to be a fitting mode of transport to combat these roads. We present to you today’s top 3 SUVs in India:

Mahindra XUV 500:

Mahindra XUV 500 for M&M was a total game changer. With a strong poise, elegant design, and a proper butch SUV appeal, Mahindra XUV 500 became an SUV delivering a premium feel at the price of mid-size sedan.

Following are some stand-out features of this SUV:

a) The famous 2.2 litre m-Hawk engine that lends XUV enough grunt to tackle both tarmac and heavy off-roading.

b) AWD (All Wheel Drive) – seamless transition from TWD (two wheel drive) to AWD without any driver intervention, and with NexTracTM sophisticated torque management system, assumes control of the clutch, engine, steering angle, and ABS.

c) The very sophisticated monocoque construction, wherein the body and platform are uniquely integrated into a single unit to offer excellent driving dynamics.

d) 6-speed transmission ensures two overdrives, thereby maintaining optimum torque and speed, and, therefore, better fuel economy. Self-adjusting ensures that the pedal effort for a brand new and fully worn out clutch remains the same.

Price Range: Rs. 11.86 - 14.44 Lakhs

Toyota Fortuner:

Built with Japanese obsession for precision and engineering ingenuity, Fortuner is a byword for both design and utility. With an imposing poise and a properly butch appeal, this SUV is a behemoth.

Following features are a few reasons why Toyota Fortuner finds favours with Indians so much:

a) Stunning looks, and built tough, and built-to-last exteriors.

b) 4x4 driveability and low gear ratios;

c) An extremely potent 3.0 L Common Rail Turbo Diesel engine, as well as the new 3.0 L 4x2 Manual & Automatic—these engines, lends the car the necessary muscle and vigour.

d) Toyota’s undisputed after-sales services and reliability factor.

e) Excellent Value-for-Money.

Price Range: Rs. 22.23 - 23.86 Lakhs.

Renault Duster:

Renault Duster passes off more as “Compact/Cross-over SUV” than an SUV per se, mainly due to its relatively pint-sized factor. However, small size and dimensions notwithstanding, Renault has given enough reasons to Indian consumers to take a fancy to it.

Check out some of its stand-out features:

a) Despite its relatively smaller size, Duster features 4wD— the most sought-after feature by SUV aficionados and 7-seat option (with 2 jump seats).

b) Monocoque construction that offers a robust feel to the car and outstanding ride quality.

c) 1.5 litre K9K DCi turbo diesel mated to a six-speed manual gearbox which is potent yet fuel efficient.
d) A commodious boot with 475–1064 litres of space.

e) Great Value for Money.

Price Range: ex-showroom 7.19 - 11.29 Lakhs.

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