All About Me

About me

Hi my name is Reese Foster i am 6 almost 7 her birthday is May 7th. I have a brother and sister named Rhett and Riley. I also have a mom named Tanya and a dad named Mike. I have fish named Kristolf. I have a best friend named Taylor or Tay-Tay


Reese likes to play outside. She also likes to play with her best friend Taylor. One of Reese's absolute favorite things to do is go on trips her favorite place she has traveled to is Disney world, Florida. Reese's favorite color is turquoise. Her favorite sport is basketball with friends Kara, Carson, Adriana and Ava. Her favorite subject is art and recess. her favorite number is 13.Her favorite movie is Wreck it-Ralph. Her favorite TV show is SpongeBob Squarepants. Her favorite season is summer.  Those are a few of Reese's favorite things

interesting things about Reese

  she is very tall for her age. Once my hair was all the way down to my hips. My sister dropped me in Disney World when I was a baby.

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