Advantages of Rockwell Hardness Tester

Hardness, when used in mechanical engineering refers to a physical property that determines the indentation resistance of a material. This hardness correlates with the tensile strength of a material. A hardness test, like Rockwell Hardness Tester is used for economically testing bulk metal deliveries without destroying them. The testers used are quite lightweight, which makes it easier, effective and efficient way of measuring the tensile strength of an item.

A hardness tester, such as Rockwell quantifies the resistance of a material to deformation. The test is conducted in either of the two classes- micro-indentation and macro-indentation, referring to the use of force less than 2 N (0.45 lbf) or more, respectively.

When it comes to measurement of indentation resistance, Rockwell Hardness Tester is the most commonly used method. It’s used widely because of it is easier to perform and tends to provide a more standard, more accurate reading than other methods. One of the main advantages of this testing technique is that the testers are quite lightweight and portable, which makes them efficient and economical, allowing the user to test bulk quantities without any hassles. The test, which measures permanent depth of indentation provides results through the use of force or load on the indenter. For the same, the tester is first required to apply a preliminary test force to a sample using diamond indenter. After this, one needs to use an additional load or a major load on the material for a pre-determined amount of time to allow for elastic recovery. The indentation depth is measured later, by calculating the variance between pre-load and major load value. It is converted into a hardness number to get a quantifiable result.

The benefits of using Rockwell Hardness Tester are plenty. As mentioned earlier, they provide an advantage when bulk materials are to be tested. Their portability makes them easier to use. Professionals in various industries, from education to research to product manufacturing use Rockwell method because it’s better, more accurate results. Plus, the fact the test is quite easy to us and may require just a simple reading of instructions ensures that even a layman, or someone with little knowledge about metals can perform it without a hassle.

Different types of Rockwell testers come in analogue models, which makes them a low-cost alternative for measurement of indentation and are even available in sophisticated, advanced load cell type models. They can be purchased in different configurations, depending upon the type of load that one is interested in measuring.

These testers provide one huge advantage because they are quite accurate and versatile, ensuring that a single push of the button performs the test and provides a number. So, why should you opt for complicated machineries, large, non-portable equipment when you can get more reliable, varied and easy to calculate results from Rockwell?

Choose convenient testing procedure like Rockwell to save time, energy and money.