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If you are HIV positive and don't know anything about the disease, we have good news for you! First of all, you must know that HIV is the infection that causes AIDS and it is diagnose to millions of people all around the world. You shouldn't feel lonely because you are not. Unfortunately, there is no cure for HIV, you will have to spend all your life with it, but hopefully a lot of treatments that will prevent the infection to morph into AIDS are available. If for any reason you have contract HIV, you shouldn't be worried about your life. In fact, treatments available on the market varies from a person to another because everybody react differently to the treatment. The main goal is to find the good treatment that will properly manage your health condition. The bad thing is that you will have to take the medication on a daily basis. The treatment will only work if you take the pills on time every single day, missing only one dose can cause the failure of it. Hopefully, the good thing is that after this you will be able to go back to your normal life. The last step and definitely the harder would be to accept your new condition and rebuilt your life. For many people, the diagnostic of HIV causes anxiety and sometimes even depression. The best way is to express yourself and tell people about your HIV. If it is something hard for you to do, you have to know you are not alone. In the city of Montreal, there are a lot of organisations that plans group discussion where you will be able to share with people in your situation. For further information about these meeting, I would strongly recommend you to visit ACCM website:

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