A day in the life of a Vietnam student

Bui Duy Binh

waking up

5:30 A.M. He wakes up, brushes his teeth, and gets ready for school.

going to school

6:30 A.M. Either his mom or his dad drive him to school on a motorcycle because of traffic and the cost of cars.

in school

He turns in his homework and a teacher comes in to teach them art.

getting home

He gets home waters the, rooftop garden. eats lunch, reads, and takes a nap

Afternoon activities

He wakes up and eats yogurt or fruit, then he starts studying. Sometimes he'll take a walk around the neighborhood.


He helps his mother prepare dinner.

My Day

Waking up

7:00 A.M. I get out of bed and get ready for school.

going to school

7:30 A.M. My dad drives me to school in our car.

getting to school

7:45 A.M. I get to school and sit in the bleachers to wait for the first bell to ring.


12:10 P.M After lunch I go to my afternoon classes.

going home

3:30 P.M. When I get home I do my homework and then watch television or play video games.

Night time

10:00 P.M. At night I get a shower, brush my teeth, and go to sleep.

My day and Bui's day are very different. Bui starts his day a lot earlier than i do. I have a much longer school day. Bui does a lot more reading and walking. Finally I go to bed a lot later than he does

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