Roswell UFO conspiracy

in July 1947 a rancher named William “Mac” Brazel reported to the local sheriff, George Wilcox, that he might have recovered the remains of a flying saucer. the sheriff, according to many people, then contacted the military at nearby Roswell Army Air Field, where Major Jesse Marcel was told to investigate. Marcel and two Counter Intelligence Corps agents drove out to the ranch where the sheriff was examining and collecting the wreckage. On July 8, 1947, the public information office at Roswell AAF made the startling announcement that they had recovered the remains of a “flying disc.”However, by the next day the excitement was over. Brigadier General Roger Ramey, who had ordered the wreckage sent to him for examination at Carswell Air Force Base , held a press conference, with the major present, and announced that all the excitement had been over a mistaken weather balloon, and nothing more.With Ramey’s announcement, the Roswell flying saucer story was dead and would remain so for decades.The story was made out to be fake but it is completely possible for it to be true.there is an argument for both sides of the story but there is more proof that it was fake. The government tried to cover up a UFO that was actually a balloon but I think that someone would know the difference between a UFO and weather balloon. most people now think that it was a hoax but there are still people trying to get more evidence to support that it was real.

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