The Empire State Building:
One of the Greatest Architectural Builds of the 20th Century

In what ways did the Empire State Building effect America in the 1930's?

Why is the Empire State Building

-It was finished in one year & 45 days.

-It's 1,252 feet high, and has 102 stories.

-The office floors are served by 73 stories.

-The Empire State Building costs $24.7 million.

-Over 15,000 people work in it, and up to 20,000 people visit every day.

Why was the Empire State Building built?

-It's said the Empire State Building was to be built because of a competition.

-It was to see who could build the taller building between Walter Chrysler and John Jakob Raskob.

-Chrysler already had his building(Chrysler Building) which was 1,046 feet high and in Manhattan.

-Raskob had a group of well-known inventors to build a building under a budget of $40 million.

-In 1972, it lost its title as tallest building in the world.

Were there any accidents with the Empire State Building?

-In the summer of 1945, on the morning of July 28th, two-engine B-25 Army Air Force Bomber crashed into the Empire State Building, on the 79th floor.

-Including the pilot and two passengers, 14 people were killed, and 25 were seriously injured.

-Air Force Lieutenant Colonel William F. Smith Jr., who's a highly decorated World War II combat veteran, was the pilot on this flight.

-The plane weighed 21,000 pounds and could fly at 225 miles per hour.

-The airplane crash produced flames from the 65th to the 86th floors. It's wings came off, one engine and part of its fuselage came through the building, and fell onto a penthouse near the building. The other engine fell into an elevator shaft.

What is the architectural design of the Empire State Building?

-It's an example of "Art deco".  Art deco is a sleek geometric style, like a mix of modern decorative art styles.

-It rises in step like things called setbacks, leading up to the top with a metal rod.

-There are panels of limestone, and other parts are made of chrome, nickel, and steel metal point.

-These are used in things called alloys to cover up the steel framework.

-When the plane crashed into the floor, only two floors had damage because of the strong & sturdy construction.

What are some random interesting facts about the Empire State Building?

-The building has been featured in movies like "Godzilla".

-In the spring and autumn the tower lights are turned off in foggy nights so it won't confuse the birds migrating.

-Over 30 people have jumped to their deaths off the Empire State Building.

-On a clear day, visitors can see into New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

-The Empire State Building has 1,576 steps just to get to the 86th floor.


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