Internet Safety Tips

Learn To Be Responcible  On The Internet

  • 1. I will ask people if it is okay to post / share a picture of them before making futher actions, and I will discuss what I can share with the world.
  • 2. I will tell a guardian if I see anything that makes me feel uncomfortable or insecure.
  • 3. I will have nettiquite online and respect , laws , and make smart choices.
  • 4.  I wont give anyone’s personal info or mine away to anyone that I meet on the internet.
  • Safe Kids
  • 5. Never meet someone face to face in person that you just met on the internet.
  • 6. Don’t respond to rude texts , e – mails , or messages , and delete unwanted comments if you can.
  • 7. NEVER tell your password with anyone no matter how close they are accept for parents.
  • 8. Never tell someone something and feel like you could say anything through a screen , even though you aren’t face to face talking doesn't mean that you cant get into trouble because the word could spread and eventually get to someone who will speak up.
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  • 9. Don’t take offers from things such as pop ads or random messages.
  • 10. Set reasonable amounts of time to be online.
  • Kids Online
  • Internet safety is extremely important .  Your personal information could be stolen or money could even be taken away from you if you don't follow the previous rules.  It is not only important to know how to deal with people,  it is just as important (or even more) to learn how not to cyber bully . You could be internet safe in many ways. The things that I have mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. You can go to the links below to find many more tips.

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