Saving The Sea Lions

Why Sea lions are Endanger

                                                                         Summary 1

Sea lions are endangered because people are killing them for their blubber and skin and now they are dieing out. People are trying to start a event for them that are hurt and dying. And they are trying to save them.  

         Sea lions are dieing

                                                 Summary 2

Sea lions need more food to because they eat shrimp and stuff like that. And fishermen are catching them. And when they catch them they talk a way food for the sea lions and now when they catch sea lions when they are catching something else. And they use the blubber and skin to make stuff.

My Opinion


I think people these days are selfish and dont care about what happens when they do things. Like fisherman are killing sealions for thier blubber and I think that is worng to do. So one day I hope they will chang and stop killing sea lions.

            By: Hayleigh

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