Please answer these questions in a separate sheet of paper.

1.)When you go to the store, do you use the plastic bags the store gives you or bring your own re-usable bag?

2.)Why is it better to drink out of a glass or re-usable cup rather than a disposable foam cup?

3.)How does turning off your computer screen when it is not being used, help the planet?

4.)Why is it important to recycle and use less paper?

5.)What did you learn about leaving doors and windows open?

6.) What does the game tell you about riding your bike rather than a car, to go to a friends house?

7.) Turning the lights off when they are not being used helps the planet because... 8.) You can recycle aluminum, paper, glass and ________.

9.) What helps save energy when drying your clothes?

a. Using your dryer at high heat

b.Letting them air dry