The sweet Drop of HONEY!!!

One drop of honey , food or fight for all.

  • King was enjoying his breakfast.
  • Drop honey falls down on the balcony
  • From there it falls down on the fruit cart below where the bee comes and has it's breakfast.
  • Then the bee becomes the morsel of the Gecko.
  • The Gecko becomes the food of the cat.
  • The dog follows the cat and jumps on it .A fight starts.
  • Then their owners start to fight with each other which gets the ministers attention.
  • The king insists that it's their problem and they shall solve it themselves.
  • Meanwhile the fight becomes worse and their other members come out and start fighting with the other person's family.
  • some men are badly hurt and are terribly bleeding!
  • The minister becomes more tensed and says we must hurry and do something.
  • King gets irritated.
  • Soldiers arrive and  there is a civil war.Houses are destroyed and some are even burning.Many people are left homeless.
  • After a few days the king and the minister examine the street unlike before.
  • The king sadly comments perhaps we could have saved from the civil war from happenin if we cleaned that drop of HONEY!

Fight cause of the drop!

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