Feudal Japan

1.  Feudalism is the way the that the government sets the people up. It is like a pyramid. As it gets higher and thinner, the people get more and more important. The Japan does it is they have the emperor on top. Next is the shogun and the daimyo, then the samurai warriors. The last two are the peasants and artisans and finally, the merchants.

2. Feudalism started in Japan because this system increased the power of large landowners. It was a way to keep the central government strong and in power over everyone else.

3. Three art forms are paintings, flower arranging/gardening, and poetry. These helped express culture

4. The social system started with the emperor at the top and next was the shogun and daimyo. Next is the samurai and after that is the peasants and artisans. Last are the merchants. They are put in this order because it is based off of their importance in the world. The wealth of a person is also apart of the rankings.

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