Trevor Barto

I've lived in Girard PA all my life. I went to Our Lady of Peace school in Mill Creek. I have a brother and a sister, both younger. This summer, I went to a Def Leppard, Kiss concert in Pittsburgh. It was amazing.

Three things about me


I love to ride quads. I own a yamaha warrior 350 and hope to upgrade to a 450 soon. I ride all over Girard with my friend.


I love hunting. my grandpa got me into it when I was younger and have been doing it ever since. We go hunting for deer, turkey, geese, woodchucks, and crows.


Ever since i was little, I've liked to go and fish in the peace and quiet. My dad takes me sometimes out on lake Erie with his friend on his boat fishing for walleye. I love bass fishing in the bay with my dad.

My goals


Someday, I want to join the U.S. Army. I would like to be in the infantry, in combat. A few of my cousins are in the army and it has always interested me.


Someday, I want to learn to play the drums. Right now i cannot afford to buy my own set so I have to wait.


Someday, i want to visit Alaska. I would see the northern lights and hunt bear or moose.

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