Summer is one of the seasons that most people anticipate. It is not only a period where a lot of us can enjoy the outdoors such as beaches and other tourist places but it is also a time when most design trends are born and introduced.

Indeed, summer is the best time to explore and develop aesthetics for your home. Remember, your home or your personal space is basically the reflection of your personality. Through effective and trendy design and style, you can share your personal stories with your visitors.

What do you think is in store for us in terms of interior design this summer 2014? Let’s take a look at the top five interior design trends that we will encounter this year’s summer season.

1.Timeless designs – This year, people love and appreciate the things that are reminiscent of the past and still desirable at the present. Many interior design companies believe that these timeless designs will rise again this summer 2014.

When done right, various timeless designs will be effective and stylish. Most people love the uniqueness of the traditional and modern perspectives. Vintage and retro will surely be an element in design this year.

Most interior design companies are exploring methods and applications to make homes nowadays smarter and at the same time stylish. Find out more trending interior designs.